Monday, 2 November 2009

One of Millions

Well, I have now applied for over 50 jobs and had a massive 3 interviews. Wa hoo! The first was for the wrong job (they got my CV mixed up in the wrong pile), the second was a waste of time as they had basically given the job to someone who already did it (even though it said they were not bothered about experience), and the third job, for which I got a second interview, changed job role half way through so I was no longer 'qualified'.
I do appreciate that the previous paragraph shows that I don't deserve a job due to my lack of literary ability, but I blame it on frustration and annoyance! It's ok to have an excuse, as long as it is well thought out! I think that I am maybe just a little annoyed at checking 5 websites a day and hunting through hundreds of jobs on each just to see the same jobs re-advertised day after day. I wonder if I am trapped in a bubble with a groundhog due to the repetitiveness of my days. It also doesn't help that half of the jobs are cleverly crafted cons, that some poor unsuspecting joyless jobseeker will end up sacrificing their redundancy insurance for; what is the world coming to?!
Oh well, I suppose I could take a career change as I appear to be too over/under experienced for another job as Customer Service Manager, or any other manager at that. However, I appear to have a degree that qualifies me to do naff all, and experience that is most definitely limited to the running of a Customer Service Department at Barratt Homes. Maybe if I could afford to give up paying the bills I could train to be a hairdresser (as 'helpfully' suggested by the mother-in-law), or maybe even start at the bottom of the ladder in retail as a bag packer (as 'helpfully' suggested by the mother-in-law). Though I have been reassured by my boyfriend that I shouldn't worry too much at the moment, and I can start "properly" looking for a job after Christmas. Is it any wonder that I am turning into a self-doubting depressive who was very tempted to apply to MacDonalds until I realised I wasn't qualified?
Look, I need to chill out, I am sure that by this time next week I will have applied for another ten jobs and might even be lucky enough to receive one rejection letter kindly informing me that I 'do not meet the criteria'. I wonder if there are any jobs out there that I meet the criteria for?!

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