Monday, 19 October 2009

All quiet on the Misty front

Well, I have had a few days away from my blog and not much has happened to me personally worth much comment.

On the plus side I have finally, after 48 job applications, been asked for an interview! On the negative side the company sounds a bit dodgy and is probably some kind of tax con. Its not that I am being pessimistic, but there are so many so-called wonderful opportunities, and it appears that most of them are not quite what they seem. When looking at the current job market there are so many adverts for positions that, quite cleverly, offer a reasonable salary with good chances of promotion. That obviously sounds wonderful until you google the companies to find that the 'Marketing Executives' are actually bussed to housing estates in Stoke to sell cutlery sets door-to-door. What is even worse about this is that this (yes worse than going to Stoke) is they make the 'employee' pay for their own return bus fair otherwise they are stuck. I think it is an absolute disgrace that businesses are allowed to run like this, and take advantage of the millions of depressed and dejected unemployed.

Many of these people, like myself, had decent jobs before the market crashed, and now we are left to rot in the black hole of unemployment, with no one to help us but ourselves. It obviously doesn't help that the Job Centre system is not equipped to deal with people who have had a job, and only offer help to those who need basic skills. I hope I don't sound harsh as those people who slipped through the education system desperately deserve help from somebody, but the Job Centre needs to expand its view on what the landscape of unemployment is currently like. Lets be honest about this, asking your next door neighbour if they know of any jobs going is fine if you have just left school, but for those poor men and women who have studied for years to become accountants/engineers/architects its not exactly practical.

I suppose at this point of the rant I should go on to berate the government, but that isn't going to happen. I don't think placing blame is of any use, but maybe we ought to preach a little understanding:
1. Being unemployed is not a lifestyle choice for most people,
2. It is not helpful to suggest that a qualified, educated, person take on a job sweeping hair off the floor of a Salon within a few months of redundancy,
3. It should not be allowed that unknowing people are taking jobs that don't actually exist from vampiric people who like to make the best out of other peoples misfortune.

Anyway, enough of yet another depressing and moaning blog from me, I'm off to find job application 49!

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