Monday, 12 October 2009

The Future is Here!

Well, what a weekend, poor Stephen Gately! I was such a fan of Boyzone - despite being more of an indie chick that a pop princess, I even went to see them in concert. It is so sad when anyone dies, and I think the death of a young person in the public eye brings it home to everyone that life is a thing to be treasured not trashed. One thing I can't understand is that people these days seem to be so full of hate. It seems that in the past hate and prejudice were displayed with pride, and now people just hide it. The other day in the pub I actually left when people on the table next to me started a massive (and loud) racist rant. In a way I felt guilty for not saying anything, but then as a girl on your own what can you say to a group of 5/6 larger men and women. The strange thing is that as I walked away I began to question who is worse them or me?! They say what they think and I just keep my trap shut. Don't get me wrong, when I am in groups of people I know I always say what I think and these people now know that I do not find fascist racists jokes amusing, and make vile comments about people from other countries is not something that I will let pass. However, I sometimes think that I am in a minority; surely we should all get by in life and accept that everyone is different. Maybe it is me who is mad, but I like to think that it is everyone else.

Ooh, Im being a bit deep today, maybe it is because the winter is setting in and the world is getting dark (physically, not metaphorically). Having said that I need to make a conscious effort to not be as miserable as the rest of them, so I will run the bath, have a coffee, and read about a serial killer (fiction, not fact)...that should cheer me up!

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