Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Cold Comfort Shed

Ooh, what a drama the days has begun with! The poor little stray cat that has adopted me, and my out-house, has been evicted! As if life is not hard enough for poor little Tiger Two, it has now got worse...a hedgehog is squatting in his home. The unwanted little cretin is also suffering from major food theft in that the ferocious spiky chap is eating his wet food, his dried food, and is drinking his water. I have taken the only action I can in such circumstances...moved him into the house.
I suppose, despite the change of tenancy, the overall results are quite positive as I have already noticed a distinct decline in the number of 8-legged-monsters, and I think that this is definitely the work of the prickled prince himself. However, I know very little of the correct care package that needs to be provided for hedgehogs, and I do have to try and find a new storage solution for the scaredy cat stray so I really should get cracking!

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