Friday, 9 October 2009

I've fallen through the cracks and its black, black, black!

Well, it was that day of the week again - a visit to the lovely sum centre...that's the job centre for those who aren't in the know! I do appreciate that to someone without a job taking a half hour out of the day, once a fortnight, is not a lot to ask. At this point I would like to say "I don't get benefits"...I'm even thinking of having a sandwich board made for the fortnightly walk of shame! What is even more hilarious is that I have to attend a "Why haven't you got a job yet?!" meeting; I feel like inviting them to a "Why do you care when you don't pay me anything anyway?!" meeting! Unfortunately, I do not this that will go down well!

Anyway, in the interests of saving money I have had two great finds today, so that's a bit of a bonus really. The Donny Osmond autobiography for £1.50 for my mum's birthday; it seems slightly sad that such a legend should have his story available at such a low low price, but I suppose it is all the better for me! Secondly, a lovely satin-eke throw (brand new by the way - I'm not that poor) to save me having to wear two coats when we can't afford the fire being on (maybe I am that poor?).

Anyway, despite the positivity of the last point, I do wish to end on a more negative note. Sorry, but the blackness reflects my post scum-centre-syndrome; Why do people wait at a road crossing and NOT press the button to make the green man appear??? What is the world coming too????

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