Wednesday, 7 October 2009

A Cat in the Hand

After the hedgehog trauma of yesterday, it has only gotten worse for poor old Tiger Two...he has now been beaten up! The most gut-wrenching screech echoed through the street as the poor little skinny stray was attacked by Devil Child Dave and The Godfather! My little chunky looked on in disgust...though I'm not sure whether it was due to the bullies of the whimpiness of his food-mate! After an afternoon in the security of the fluffy cushions T2 does seem to have made a remarkable recovery - albeit a little short on fur!

On a lighter note I have just had to turf the voluvant loving Chunky outside while I cook the diner as he seems to have developed an insatiable obsession for boiled eggs...which wouldn't be too bad, but for the fact that they are currently boiling! I may be out of work, but I am not in a position to require the self sacrifice of my furry friend to put me some food on the table!

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