Friday, 9 October 2009

Cat Attack!!!!

Two posts in one day - I must be bored today!? No, just annoyed, and where better than to vent my anger than a page that only I will ever read!

Tiger Two, the stray cat who has recently been evicted from the outhouse by a hedgehog, is in very very bad books! I just went upstairs to see where the cats were, and to check what they were doing, only to find T2 in a very serious predicament. It appears than when he woke up from his long slumber on the chair he found himself 'caught short'. Obviously, it is ridiculous of me to think that he would go to the door to cry to go out, NO that would be silly. Instead, he took it upon himself to park his hairy derriere in the bath tub and proceed with the biggest wee known to cat world! I didn't know what to just filmed him on my camera phone when i realised he was mid-stream and not stopping for anyone.

Sorry this is a bit gross, but to be honest I am probably just killing time while the disinfectant kicks in....though I suppose I should maybe advertise him in the classifieds as 'very clean' instead?!

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