Thursday, 8 October 2009

Another Day with the Parasites

Its not that I don't like animals, but I do seem to be being over-run!
- The Hedgehog in the outhouse, who seems to think it is acceptable to poo everywhere!
- My own cat, Chunky, who is sleeping on the pile of nice clean washing that I stupidly left on the would seem cruel to move him now;
- The irrepressible Tiger Two crying at my feet for MORE food;
- The sneaky Bobbette (child of Bob) from next door who keeps running in the kitchen and trying to steal food;
- Evil Jess, from god-knows-where hissing at me every time I go to the washing line;
- And finally, The Godfather, the king of cats, jumping on my head when I go to the shed.
Due to this maniacal menagerie I have decided it would be safer to sit at the laptop with a nice cup of tea and surf the net for something to take me away from this general limbo and stop me being a computer geek who writes the story of my boring life to give me something to do! (Phew, long sentence needs punctuation, but I feel it has helped me vent so I will let it slide!)

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