Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Couch Worm

After yesterdays melancholy I feel that a bit of a list session is in order. I'm more of a book worm than a couch potato, but I still watch TV, and thinking about it I actually watch quite a lot...probably something to do with not going to work! Please be assured I generally only watch in the day when I'm having my lunch or tea, and strangely spend my evenings in the bath reading a book!

Current 'TV Choice'
X Factor - sad I know, but I like to sing along to the music and give my own opinion (to my boyfriend or my mum!)
In Plain Sight - I wish Mary was my friend!
Flash forward - visions of 6 months in the future...scary idea
Medium - I wish Allison Dubois was my boss, going to work would never be boring
Reno 911 - Hilarious, more Police Officers should be like this
Harper's Island - slightly loosing interest, but still entertaining
Lie To Me - Only just getting into it, but unusual concept
True Blood - Only watched one, but I think I might be comparing it to Buffy, and it is never going to be better than that.

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